How to book a one way business class flight Los Angeles to Melbourne using Qantas points?

Hi, i’m trying to see how to book a one way business class flight LAX to MEL using points plus pay. i was wanting to do it that way as there are 3 of us and i know its often hard to get 3 classic rewards on the same flight. One problem i’m having is its redirecting me to the US site and charging USD and its more expensive then a return in business qantas sale ATM on the Aussie site. I have 350,000 QFF points and i was wanting to use those and pay the rest for my hubby, myself and our daughter to fly home in October 2020. According to what i’ve read on points Hacks its now 112,000 pp one way in business on a classic reward flight, but even if i click on a classic reward flight i’m only being offered economy. Does anyone know what is happening? Should i call them? Should i book through a travel agent? Or is there a way to see whats available without it costing $7,500 pp after converting to AUD. Thankyou for any help.

Despite the slim chance, I would recommend you to check Qantas Classic Flight Reward availability.
On the Qantas website, you need to search your flights by choosing the ‘Use Points’ radio button instead of the ‘Use Cash, Points or Both’ button. This will bring you to the reward calender. From there, make sure that it is displaying all travel classes by ticking the Business class and other class boxes. Then, you will see the business class availability if there is any. Also, I recommend you start searching 1 Adult and then increment to 2 and 3 to see how award availability changes. This will help you gauge how many seats are available.

If you are still confused about how to do this, just calling them to search the space is also a good opiton.

One way flights can sometimes be more expensive than return flights and some choose to book return flights with the intention of only flying the first flight. It is just the logic of airline pricing (aka no logic hehe).

Booking through a travel agent likely won’t get you a much better price than what you see online.