How to book 2 trips as 1 Qantas Oneworld RTW redemption?

Hi all, I’ve read that you can split the RTW into 2 trips keeping it under 35,000 miles. I live in Melbourne but was looking at MEL-NIX-NRT-AKL. then at a later date resume AKL-DOH-LHR-MEL. But is it ok to start at AKL & end in MEL. e.g. AKL-NIX-NRT-MEL. Then later in the year MEL-DOH-LHR-MEL (booked to AKL) but get off in MEL. (Reason: It’s fairly easy to get reward seats to Asia from AKL, but much easier to get to Europe from MEL/SYD).

Many thanks

A RTW trip needs to start and end at the same country. You could start in Melbourne and end in Perth but not New Zealand.

You might be able to get off at MEL and just not take the final leg to AKL. It may not be as frown upon as hidden city ticketing. I have no experience in this though.