How to book 2 First Class tickets with Emirates

I am trying to book 2 first class tickets on Emirates. I am travelling from Singapore to Melbourne in November. I can easily get one ticket in First but it will not allow two. I can book two Business Class tickets. Should I book one First and one Business and then try to upgrade the business ticket to First?
Alternatively book the two Business class tickets and try to upgrade both?
Which is the best option?

Hi @jgodfred,
There are a few things to consider when trying to book for 2 people in 1st class on Emirates (or any airline for that matter):

  • Is it important for you and your travel companion to both be in 1st class together?
  • Does a split class booking bother you?
  • If you are going to book 2 different class seats, you will need to book 2 itineraries if booking online.
  • You can book alternate classes on each flight sector/segment but this will apply to all passengers on the booking.
  • You will have 2 booking reference numbers (PNR) if you are booking online.
  • You might be able to book separate class seats under the same booking reference if you phone up to book (eg: Qantas Customer Support) but this will cost you points for needing “human assistance”. I don’t know for sure though. I’m sure someone else here would be able to jump in and let you know if that’s possible on a reward flight booking.

Getting 2 seats in 1st class though this far out will be difficult I believe. I generally will try to book 2 business class seats together if I can do so. Then you know you have your itinerary booked and you can get from A to B guaranteed. Once you have this locked in you can start monitoring 1st class seat availability.

But… the caveat is… you need to have the extra points to be able to upgrade at a later date. And don’t forget that you will “pay” a change fee plus a call centre help fee (both in points - I think it’s 5,000 + 7,000) per change. If you want to avoid the fee for getting a human to help you, you will need to have enough points to book the entire new itinerary online and then cancel your existing business class booking - for a points and fees/charges refund. There is also cancellation fee… I think it’s 6,000 points.

The times I’ve successfully upgraded when travelling with my wife is within about 7-10 days prior to departure. Sometimes even 1-2 days prior. It’s a waiting game. But you need to be on top of it and act quick if you spot something popping up. They disappear very quickly - especially on any route into/out of Australia.

Don’t forget too that it could be worthwhile to check alternate routes, add extra stopovers if you have the flexibility, if it means being able nab those elusive 1st class emirates suites!!

Lastly be aware of the difference between the A380 with it’s onboard shower/spa and the 777 without it. Nothing would be worse than thinking you’ve jagged your prized 1st class seats for the both of you and you start dreaming about showering at 40,000 feet, only to discover that it’s a 777 and you didn’t realise.

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Great reply @jenart !

The only thing I’d add is that if you have Emirates Skywards points (or if you can get hold of Skywards points before your flight), you’ll then have a fantastic chance to upgrade to First Class at the airport on the day of departure, using Skywards points.

See the article below for more info.

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