How to book 2 first class Emirates seats using Qantas points?

Trying to book 2 1st class seats with Emirates using rewards, only 1 shows up on any date I try , is there any perks to securing 2 , looking for any leg from Bangkok,Dubai into Europe
Any suggestions

Hi @slrobbo2620

As you’ve found out, securing Emirates First Class reward seats is not easy! Last time I tried, about six months ago, I found that they were fairly regular in releasing award seats about 4 days before the flights, if there were still seats available then.

So the best suggestion I have is that “last minute” reward seats are the best chance you have.

Let us know how you go!

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Welcome @slrobbo2620,

I generally have good success searching with the Multi-city search tool on the Qantas website. Be sure to check the “Rewards” radio button and ensure the “Flexible with dates for all flights” checkbox is selected.

Start with a single leg/sector from your desired city of origin. When you find a window with two 1st class seats available, then add another sector to the multi-city itinerary. Rinse and repeat, slowly building up a series of flights until you have a full return trip that meets your requirements.

Be flexible with the routes you wish to take. Sometimes flying to an alternate city in economy/business class (eg: Bangkok → Kuala Lumpur") can provide you with a greater number of 1st class options to Dubai. Check the Emirates route map to see which Asian cities they fly to and perform a search for all of these cities to see if there is availability.

It can be time consuming and exhausting to find the perfect set of flights AND the desired class, but nothing beats sitting at the pointy end of the plane when you’ve done all that hard work and it’s paid off.

Best of luck!