How to best utilise Velocity points to get from Melbourne to Chennai?

Hi Guys,
So I’ve collected 165k points with additional 20k points coming in around Sept totalling 185k points.
I’m planning on travelling to India (Chennai) in Jan from Melbourne. I want to gain insight what’s the best course of action it’s and here are my 2 options that I came up with:

  1. Fly business class return to India via Singapore for total 156k points plus $200 taxes or;
  2. Fly to India via Singapore business totalling 78k points +$95 taxes. Then on return convert to krisflyer and book Singapore to Melbourne on Singapore suite class (sq217) for 80k miles +$68 which is 108k velocity points, total 186k velocity all together. Will need to buy a ticket from Chennai to Singapore for $300. In total Ill be paying $500 in flights.

What would the best option be?

Hi fizz_007,

It is ultimately a personal choice. You will get some who would pick 1 and some 2.

Business is perfectly adequete for most. However, some would prefer to experience First, which emphasise more privacy and better service and hard/soft product.

No right or wrong option.

My pick is. If you could afford it (points and $), go for First.