How to best use 88k Asia Miles before 30 June 2021?

Looking for some creative uses of 88k asia miles points due to expire on June 30 for flights out of Sydney. Any suggestions?

Hi @rossm

Sorry if you already know this, but if your Asia Miles points are expiring on 30 June, that means that you have until June 30 to book your flight using Asia Miles. You can fly after June 30. So if you’re willing to (a) book a flight for 2022, and (b) get vaccinated, I reckon you’ll have a pretty good chance of being able to fly overseas.

The short answer to your question is that 88,000 Asia Miles will get you one-way to anywhere in the world on Cathay Pacific in Business class (or return in Economy), or return to anywhere in Australia or NZ on Qantas Business class, with points to spare.

For a mere 2000 points more (90,000 points), you’ll be able to get to anywhere in the world, one way, in Business class flying Cathay’s partner airlines such as Qantas, Qatar, American, JAL etc.

Check out this Point Hacks article for more inspiration!

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Hi there,

I had Asia Miles expiring end of March. Asia miles are doing a ‘partner points transfer challenge’. I contacted Asia Miles via the online chat 2 days before my points expired to confirm this. You have to wait till the points have expired, but within a 7 day period of expiry. Then contact Asia Miles again to get the challenge which is to transfer the equivalent of 3000 Asia Miles points from 2 partners into your Asia Miles account. I used my Altitude & Hyatt rewards approx 1600 each. This will result in my expired points now having an extra 18 months validity.

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