How to best use 500,000 Qantas points and 250,000 Velocity Points for economy flights to US and Europe?

Hi, I’ve built up 500,000 QFF points and 250,000 Velicity points mainly through credit card sign-up bonuses. I was going to use the Velocity points towards an economy Europe trip for 2, and the QFF points towards an economy trip for 4 to the US. Your articles are very hard for a beginner to understand. You always say that using points for economy flights is not the best value, but I don’t really mind. I am happy to fly economy - I just want to use my points to simply get economy flights for less than paying for the flight outright. I understand that the cost of an award flight stays the same. So when the airfare is expensive you are getting better “value” as it still costs the same amount of points+taxes, and that the “points + pay” option can be a better option when flights are on sale. How do I best use my points for economy flights to US and Europe?

Hi Graham,

For example,

SYD-LAX Return 89600 Velocity pts or 90k Qantas pts

SYD-SIN-LHR one way is 75k Velocity or SYD-DXB-LHR 60k Qantas pts.

I suppose those examples above is the simplest most direct way to get to EU or USA. Hence, you will have lots of competition with finding seats. Try to book early 11/12 mths beforehand.

There are many more indirect ways to get to EU and USA so it’s too hard to list them all out. You have to do your own research.

Your understanding of Award seats versus points and pay looks to be sound to me. However, personally, I try to stick to award seats. You may be right, checking the sale price could be worth while.


Thank you :slight_smile: