How to best consolidate Qantas, CBA, Krisflyer and Asia points/miles?

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to work out the best way to consolidate/take advantage of the points my family have with different cards and providers.

We are 2 adults and 2 children with the following points:
Adult 1 - Qantas 542,000
Cathay 22180
Singapore Airlines 20204 (more coming in December with BNE-LHR return)

Adult 2 (deceased): CWB Awards 501,208
Cathay 22180
Singapore 20204
Qantas 200

Two Children (aged 8 and 10) both have
Cathay 22180
Singapore 20204 (more coming in December, BNE - LHR return)

To complicate matters, my husband (Adult 2 above) recently passed away. I need if possible to transfer his points to either me or the children - I have access to all his accounts so can do this myself without notifying the providers…I would like to transfer them very soon though…it would be awful to lose the CWB points after accruing them for so long.

The children and I are planning a trip to Fiji this year, Canada next year and the UK every 2 years or so (next trip in December). One child is desperate to fly Emirates so we will fly with them to the UK for our subsequent trip in about 2.5 years time.

I’d like to wow the children (who are both aircraft mad) and do a business class long haul flight in the next couple of years. I don’t really care where we go; we love travelling so pretty much anywhere would be fabulous.

Any and all advice on how to best use/transfer these points would be very gratefully received.

Many thanks for your help!!

My condolonces, ticken.

Is CWB points Commonwealth Bank Award points?

Thank you. Yes, Commonwealth Bank Awards points.

Thank you for your help!

Okie. Bear with me. I will try to give you my 2c (may not be the best/optimum but its a start).

The first priority is to deal with your late husband’s points. Especially the CBA points. I’m not super familiar with CBA points but i do know they have increased a whole lot of transfer partners in the last year or two. The most simplistic way is to transfer them to your husband’s Velocity program (create one if he didn’t have one or have one linked).

Transfer his Qantas points to yourself with family transfer (if they don’t have a minimum transfer; if they do, write it off- it is worth $2 to some people at 1 cent per point).

Asia Miles aren’t transferrable. But you can redeem miles for people on the redemption list. You can probably redeem short distance economy flights on Qantas. Good for 2 oneway short hops like Syd-Mel. I’m not 100% certain on their award chart so someone might tell me I am wrong.

Krisflyer you can top up with his Velocity points (from CBA). Not a great transfer rate (1.55:1). So I would transfer just enough to be able to empty out his Krisflyer acct for a redemption.

The rest of his Velocity points, family transfer them to yourself.

Use your Qantas points for Emirates flights to EU and etc. Qantas and Velocity points can be used to go to Fiji depending on where you are based. Canada is slightly trickier, but if you don’t mind, you could go via Hong Kong/Asia or USA with Qantas points. You might have to try your luck with looking for 2 seats if flying premium cabin if you can’t find 3.

Good luck and all the best. I have gone through everything very briefly. If you have questions, please ask.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile: I really appreciate your time!

There is a great velocity transfer on for the month of May for CBA as well. CBA rarely participates so definitely jump on

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