How to add stopovers in a Krisflyer redemption? What are the limitations?

Hi All,

I am wanting to travel to the USA from Mel later next year.
I am planning to make this booking using KF points in business class.

Ideally I want to get to New York, but I can only find availability to SFO. I don’t mind this, as I would be happy to spend some time there too. Can I make SFO a stop over, and then get a flight from SFO to New York. (I am guessing there would be available options with in the US for KF business class).
I will already need to go through Singapore on the way there. So I am just wondering how far I can make use of stop overs to get there and back.


Wasnt there an article posted here very recently about SQ flying direct to LAX in the near future. That probably has the answers you need

When go through the booking process at SQ,  it displays the Stopover information that you can add in for free.

Have a read of this article is you haven’t already.

How to maximise KrisFlyer redemptions by using free or additional stopovers