How to add more segments to an existing Qantas OneWorld RTW itinerary?

I have an existing Classic reward OW booking done a while ago. I still have some miles remaining (from the 35,000 miles allowed) so decided to add a couple more segments, which were available. But having completed the reservation by adding the new segments, I was told by the customer contact center, that the new taxes could not be calculated, (due to an error) and for this reason I cannot add the new segments, and my booking cannot be amended. And the reason provided, since there is no availability on some of my existing routes, (which by the way has a few QR flights) the new tax cannot be calculated. This does not make sense, as there must be another way taxes can be calculated. And for this odd reason I cannot fully utilize my 35,000 mile limit of the OW RTW trip. Can anyone shed some light & assistance or how to overcome this issue.


Qantas website isn’t know to be great on a good day. Throw in some complex tasks and it’ll tend to fall apart, throwing you an error or two.

Have you tried calling the call centre? Unfortunately, that is very hit and miss too.

Are you also certain you have not “broken” any rules with the new segements? You could share the itinerary route if you don’t mind.

Thanks Warren

Forgot to mention that it was being organized and done by the call center. They managed to add the segment but could not calculate the taxes. On the first attempt, it was mentioned that due to unavailability of seats on my existing booking, taxes could not be calculated. So I tried again, and on the second attempt, the rep mentioned that an error was generated and thus taxes could not be calculated. Then it was suggested that a customer care case be raised, and this was done by the contact center staff. And guess what happened, the response from customer care was to go back and contact the call center, who had helped me raise this case. So I have gone around full 360 deg, with no sign of a resolution.

The response as from QF care, as follows:

Thank you for contacting Qantas Customer Care regarding your case 07359956.
For assistance with adding more flights to your itinerary, kindly call the Qantas contact center on 131313 and the reservations department will better assist you.

Unfortunately, this is what I fear and an example of the frustrations of dealing with the Qantas call centre. An important factor is which call centre and the competency of the agent you have on the other end of the line. Try to push and escalate your case to a supervisor. Good luck. Lots of patience and luck required.

Hi mate. Sorry I didn’t noticed the msg you sent me until now. I didn’t think there was any obvious sensitive information like travel dates so I’ve decided to share with the greater community, which has many more savvy members to comment on this.

Thanks, Here is my itinerary, where I was trying to add the last two segments:

||QR 005 |BUSINESS |

||QR 672 |BUSINESS |

||UL 308 |BUSINESS |

||BA 015 |BUSINESS |



Looking at your itinerary, I suspected there is some potential of breaking RTW rules by the 2 stopovers at Singapore.

To quote from this article. Fly around the world in Business with Qantas and oneworld - Point Hacks

“You can only stopover in each city once and transit through each city twice on one booking.”

Because I am not flying into Singapore the second time around, I believed it should be treated as a transit and not a stopover. But would not know, why the costing failed, and this could not be ticketed.
So have dropped this idea, and added a trip to NZ, later in the year, once I return from the Europe trip