How to add additional Qantas reward flight to existing booking?

Hi All,
I booked business class multi city sydney to jfk then a second leg jfk to Heathrow (reward). I haven’t booked any flights home because they aren’t released yet. This is for a year in advance. Apparently there is a way where u can add flights and pay a change fee but I can’t see anything like that under bookings etc, only thing I can see is the ability to change the flights that I have already booked but not add to.

Secondly, I was trying to change the jfk to heathrow flight to another time and on the first page it said $0 change fee but on the next page it wanted to charge me 10k points + $5. I thought under the covid rules I could change time for free. I tried contacting qantas but 2 hour phone wait and they haven’t replied on facebook message yet from a week ago.

watching this thread.

can’t you just book the return leg from London as a separate booking? You would probably need to pay the fees and taxes in pounds though.

Hi Mike, you will need to call Qantas to add extra legs to an existing booking. It can be done.

I believe reward seat changes should be free, with zero points fees (you would still be charged any difference in fees and taxes). If the online tool is showing 10K points, then you’ll probably need to contact Qantas for that as well, unfortunately.