How to actually get a refund from Singapore Airlines?

In December 2021 SIA told me they would refund my airfares. They said it would normally take 12-16 weeks. I’m still waiting 8 months later. Repeated requests via their web pages have only resulted in obviously automatic email replies. The only phone numbers I’ve found have not got past their answering machines. Any suggestions?

I’ve always found the “live chat” function to be helpful. Open the chat window. You’ll be connected with “Kris the Chatbot”. Type in “Could I speak with a human?” and the chatbot will connect you with an agent.

Let us know how you go!

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it three times without success - after about an hour queued for a customer service rep I was bumped from the queue.
However, today I called the “Reservations & KrisFlyer Services” number. I ignored the recorded messages until I eventually was given the option to speak with a rep. After a long wait a rep answered. She searched and found that my refund was paid on 7 July. It still hasn’t reached my account but hopefully it will soon.

Really silly question, but are you certain of the card used to purchase the ticket is the card you have been checking for the refund?

I ask because I find it challenging to remember which card I’ve used for flights (at times). I used to have one go to card just for flights. Unfortunately, not anymore.

Thanks, I used PayPal but knowing now that SIA say to expect 12-16 weeks delay in PayPal refunds I don’t think I’ll use it again.

I ran into the same issue a couple of times and since then, I export (excel or PDF) the entire list of transactions right before closing the card and save the file in a specific folder. Helps a lot with backtracking the purchases.

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