How to accumulate 60k Qantas points quickly?

I am flying Qantas at the end of November and need an additional 60k qantas points to get my business upgrade.

What is the best way to quickly accumulate this?

I already have the ANZ frequent flyer black card and am already an existing American Express customer…

Just wondering if there were any other good solutions?
As they take about 8-10 weeks to get credited into my account, I don’t want the min spend to be too high (ie. more than $1500/$2k)



We cannot provide any financial advice on this website. Credit card choice is a form of financial advice.

Please have a look at the credit card offer website.




Given you have a deadline end of November there’s no guarantee you’ll get bonus points by then even if you meet minimum spend. Because providers usually wait for the usual min spend period to pass and give bonus points 1-2 months after the 3 month period

Secondly you do realise business upgrades are never guaranteed?


If credit card choice is a form of financial advice is that not what this site is offering ?

You deleted my comment last week so I assume you will do the same this week.