How should I book a KrisFlyer redemption when the return flight isn't bookable yet?

Hi all,

I’m heading to Milan next year for work and am wanting to depart around the 20th April and return in mid July. It’s too early to secure my return trip but I was wondering if it would be a problem if I secured the first leg as a single one way journey and book my return leg separately in a couple of weeks. Also wondering what the chances are of getting a ticket when in the waitlist.

I have over 250k miles so that’s not a problem.

Cheers Jim.

Hi Jim,

Krisflyer awards cost the same amount of points regardless of whether one way or return (unlike Asia Miles). As such, it makes no difference whether you book your tickets separately, so you can go ahead and book your ticket to Milan now and wait and book the return flight once it’s available. In terms of waitlist, it’s hard to say. Given there’s no guarantee you’ll get a flight and the cost of a one-way ticket if you don’t, you might want to book a standard award if they’re available. However, my understanding is you cannot book a standard ticket, waitlist a saver ticket and then cancel your standard one if the saver becomes available.

Thanks for the advice. It sounds pretty risky to go on a waitlist so I’ve bitten the bullet and taken a first class one way fare MEL-MIL in April, and will now wait a couple of weeks to book my return trip inside 355 days in business class. I’d still be interested to know how others who have taken the waitlist option on Singapore Airlines have fared though. Cheers