How should I be bidding for upgrades on Qantas flights?

I am a Qantas FF and recently been invited to bid for an upgrade on an upcoming flight (which I paid cash for). I’ve no idea what sort of bid would be accepted. I would like to be upgraded but don’t want to spend more than i have to. Has anyone successfully done this and can you do it with points rather than cash?

It is a pretty cloak and dagger process. It all depends on several factors like how much others are paying and how much the airline is willing to sell the seat for. There should be a baseline bid amount and you can go up from there. There will be an indicator that shows if your bid offer is good for the airline however, someone else might pay extrodinarily more and get the seat. Even if you bid the baseline amount, you might be able to get the seat because you were the only one willing to bid and the airline was happen to give you the seat for that price.

I believe these price bidding seats are after processing points upgrades from members so you are already accessing a much smaller pool of seats. My advice is to expect not to get the seat and only bid what you would want to pay and ignore whatever indicators the website gives you.

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