How probable will my Singapore Airlines waitlists clear?

All five of my propect departure dates ex Singapore to Europe with SIA, on their Spontaneous Escape promo fare, I found last night are now waitlisted (my delay fault: the home burglary hasn’t helped!)
Anyone have any experience on REAL likelihood of whether these may still come through? (Route is to Dusselldorf, apparently not a popular one for them BUT the only European destination in the current promo.) Appreciate any input for my dilemma.

I’ve waitlisted for around 10 flights to Europe in the last couple of years, the only success has come quickly, within 72 hours, twice. If I don’t get them quick I look at other options now but you never know!

Unfortunately, Krisflyer waitlist is a mystery. Having multiple dates and a less popular destination helps. However, if you must travel on those dates, I would recommend preparing a back up flight of some sorts.

As there was a redemption discount, there may be many like you trying to get a deal.

Good luck.

We have had waitlisted flights clear a number of times over the years with SIA, although make sure you have a plan B as there is every chance they wont. The bookings that cleared for us did so within a few weeks of making the booking.

One thing I have noticed is that sometimes Business Saver award seats will become available, but wont trigger your waitlist booking.  This happened to me in December last year with a waitlisted flight to Milan.   I happened to check the availability on the SIA website about a week after placing the waitlist booking and noticed Business Saver availability - I quickly made the booking, then went and cancelled the waitlist booking (that was still uncleared) I had earlier made for the exact same flight.

Waitlist is good, but keep checking availability as you might get lucky.


Many thanks Bidunnie, Warren & Monkeytoo


Have cobbled together all your thoughts, + Keith’s and this site’s, all excellent as always. Revisited backup plans (Malaysian sale, et al). Result: this total novice, as of today (!) IS flying, J class, Sing-Dusseldorf, Singapore Airlines (SQ), though on a least-preferred date. Whatsmore, more thanks to PH, it’s a window seat in Row 19, without the feet cubbyhole problem, & for 59,500 Krisflyer miles. Loads work: good result.

This date did clear from waitlist, as did one other (even less ok) date, though it subsequently closed then re-cleared, over just days. That last is one of many steep learnings.

For other newbies, to waitlisting specially, here’s more I hope may be useful. It’s thus a long post.

  • There's a clever way with SQ, apparently, of both waitlisting, first, then “booking” an available award, then later swapping if a waitlisted date clears before your existing “booking”.
  • Interesting cross-reference for this, on good overall guide, Onemileatatime.boardingarea, but NB, that's a US site; not 100% sure it applies fully here.
  • However SQ FF call centre knew of it.
  • It DOESN'T apply to the Spontaneous Escape promo so probably not to other SQ specials.
  • It can be worth ringing Krisflyer: ultimately, it was for me.
  • That line & SQ reservations has some terrific folk, & some useless, unhelpful ones. Ring again: be prepared to hold...and hold, despite its 5 star status.
  • KrisFlyer is Sydney number, 02, amazingly, not 13 or 1800, if that counts . (They say – today! - they will ring you back if you're paying for long distance, & ask...once you get through.)
  • SQ waitlist: Yep: rationale “a mystery ” eg today, last day of sale, business cabin has vacancies 9 & 10 days out, but far...they're not clearing the waitlist/releasing more award seats.
  • ANZ Rewards transfers: website says takes 5 days; when you complete transfer direction online, it tells you it will take 18 days. Oowah! It took 4.
  • Buying points for top-up: Amex (Ascent) was cheapest compared to Velocity then transfer, or direct with Krisflyer.
  • Read everything on SQ more times than I did! Promo travel ret. had to be completed WITHIN April: I needed May. Points purchase to allow both legs thus unnecessary as had enough for OW in Velocity!..all thanks to taking Keith's PH free email course mere months ago.