How much should I be charged for changing a mixed booking (red e-deal and classic reward)?

I booked my son Ade-Syd economy red e deal and a return classic reward business - all on same booking reference.
He needs to come home early so I rang Qantas to change classic reward ticket and I was charged $361 - a $99 change fee and $262 ticket price difference.
The agent explained it was because terms and conditions are dictated by first flight ie economy red deal not the fact it was a classic reward seat I was changing. Has anyone encountered this ? I assumed I would just be up for 5000 points to change.

Interesting. I’ve always been led to believe that you can’t mix a revenue and award booking into one booking.

Yes, I can’t recall myself why I did it or even how. Which was why I had a very funny conversation with the agent!!! I kept saying but it’s a CR ticket why is money involved. I assume the system told him so it must be correct but I’m still baffled.

May I ask how much you paid (points and $) for the whole itinerary. I have a sneaky suspicion your return flight may have been on points + pay (not a classic reward) - I vaguely recall reading that it is possible to mix the two if it is a points + pay redemption.

I just found this under help on app…….
If you combine Classic Flight Rewards with non-Classic Reward fares (“Commercial Fares”), the most restrictive fare condition of those Commercial Fares apply to the segments booked as Classic Flight Rewards for booking changes, cancellations and refunds. Classic Flight Rewards that are combined with Commercial Fares are unable to be cancelled or placed into a credit voucher on For cancellations and refunds of these bookings you can call Qantas Contact Centres for assistance.

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I have checked on my transactions ……You are so correct!!! I just had a real bad day while booking that. I have never in my life booked a points plus pay!!! I paid $78




~ 27,600

Sorry I paid $481 total but $78 was the CR and the economy outleg was $403