How much points does it cost for Brisbane or Sydney to London through Velocity Program?

I am new to the points community and working towards a free flight. I am unsure how much it costs in points on average for a bris or syd to london flight. How much points one way would this usually cost in points? Is this a difficult route to redeem on? Thanks

Sorry i should have mentioned on velocity

Hi Fakaata,


Australia East Coast to London costs (1 way)

Economy: 75,000
Business: 139,000

Award seats to Europe and USA are generally challenging to redeem regardless of program. Best to book 11-12mths in advance when seats/dates are released.


Thanks for that! Would that be through Velocity’s website I book those and am I supposed to be able to view Economy Reward/Business Rewards at those prices? All I can find is any seat reward which are much more expensive in taxes or double the velocity points.