How much in advance can you book Sri Lankan airways via Qantas?

Do you know how long out the rewards business class flights are released on Qantas website for Sri Lankan airways? Looking to book melb to colombo next sept direct.

Please see the following pages from a Google search. 361 days.

How I usually check is just look at the calendar on the airline booking page and see how far in advance I can book a revenue (cash) flight.

In terms of when award seats are available, I’m not familiar with the release pattern of Sri Lankan air. Most airlines would release seats when flights are bookable with cash. Then release sporatically (no pattern) and some airlines release more seats closer to the flight date (3-21 days).

If you are using Airline A points for booking Airline B flights, the date of calendar opening is the lessor of the 2 “days”. Qantas is 353 days, so you can try 353 days in advance.

So it’s too early for Sep 2024. But good to do some trial runs to prepare or check patterns.

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