How much does it cost to Virgin UpgradeMe for Singapore Airlines flights?

Hi Guys,

I have some economy flexi tickets flying VA codeshare SQ from Melb to Lon via S’Pore return in Nov.
I’m trying to understand what it would cost me in points to upgrade to Business class seeing I have approx 500k in points.

I can’t seem to find a table showing how many points are required.

I can find a short haul table but it doesn’t cover off this distance.


It reads to me like this upgrademe option is only applicable for Virgin (metal) flights. To quote from the website “international short haul”, which matches up with Virgin not flying international long haul anymore. E.g. to London.

Hi Redline260, w.hiew is correct. You can’t upgrade SQ flights (codeshare or not) with Velocity Points. You can make an outright booking with points - a Business reward seat from Melbourne to London (if available) would be 139,000 Velocity Points + fees and taxes, one-way.