How much do Alaska airlines charge for cancelling award flights?

Can someone help me here. I have to cancel an award flight I booked on Aer Lingus from SFO-DUB due to my son graduating now which clashes with that booking date.

I went to cancel the award booking and it came up with a new schedule that I need to accept first. I didn’t accept the changes as yet. Can someone tell me, does this enable me to avoid that cancellation fee of $125USD?

Also do you think AS would also waive the cancellation fee for the MEL-SFO leg of the trip on the grounds of the graduation date being unknown at the time of making the award booking? TIA

Not exactly sure about Alaska MP, but with American Advantage, I have waited for a schedule change of more than 5 min and then tried more than once to cancel an award flight. I tell them the reason of cancellation is due to the schedule change and they waived my change fees.

Do not accept the schedule change. Give them a call and see what they say.

Thanks for that advice. It’s only a 10 minute time change. I guess I’ll give it a go and call them…

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Just updating this thread. My time change for the award flight I wanted to cancel was only 10 minutes different. I rang AS and they said they wouldn’t waive the fee because the change was less than an hour.