How much are the change fees Qantas for a classic reward flight?

Have a classic reward booking for 2 to the USA in Sept, outbound trip ADEL-BRIS-LAX. With the BRIS-LAX leg being premium economy. I want to change that to ADEL-MELB-LAX in the same class leaving a few days earlier. All other flights on the booking to remain the same.

I’m a bit confused as to the fees. Will the fees/charges for the change on the outbound be just 5000 points each or 5000 points plus $80 each?

Change fee for a Classic Reward flight is 5000 points.

$80 change fee is for a revenue ticket (one you pay with cash/credit card).

Thanks for getting back to me.
Rang Qantas and they wanted 13000 points per passenger for the changes.
Seemed a little steep