How many Velocity Status Credits will I earn from flying to Italy with Singapore Airlines?

Hi All,

I’m flying to Milan next month going out an Economy N ticket then returning again in Economy on a B ticket. I have a KrisFlyer account as well as a Velocity Silver account which will expire next month. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth crediting points earned to Velocity or KrisFlyer. Ideally I need approx 260 Status Credits to qualify for gold status however I’m not sure whether flying in these classes will get me enough even if I use family pooling travelling with wife and kid.
Keen to hear suggestions

Assuming you are flying Sydney-Singapore-Milan return in fare N & B, I have calculated that you will earn 30+40 outbound; 80 + 60 inbound per passenger.

Status Credit Table

Hope I have calculated correctly. I personally think the table is quite complicated.

Hey Warren,

I agree that the table is confusing! I worked out something similar too. I need around 260 SC’s to gain Gold Status so I can use family pooling to gain this after we return from my two other family members.

If I accure KrisFlyer points, id get around 15k return based on those ticket classes. It would leave me with a total of 35k which I really can’t do a lot with.


By the way I’m flying out of Melb