How many Velocity business reward seats are normally released?

dear all, I have been trying to book 3 business class rewards seats with velocity from Australia to Europe and can only ever book 2 seats. I have tried every route & multiple dates. when I say 2 guests seats are available as soon as I ask for 3 all reward saver seats disappear. This does not happen in economy. Anyone know why, is it policy, only 2 seats per flight or a bug. I am trying to check with velocity but thought I would ask here as well.

The reason that it disappears is because they only released 2 seats. Usually 2 is the maximum especially on these long haul routes. The website doesn’t show all options though and you can search for other partners like Virgin Atlantic over the phone with Virgin to see if others have more seats available. But generally, airlines release 2 seats at most unless the flight is VERY VERY empty