How many Qantas points is required for a RTW redemption?

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your help and also thanks to point hacks. I think I am nearly up to speed with booking a 6 week RTW trip. I will have to book as the flights become available and put up with the fees to ‘amend’ the itinerary for the later flights as they come up. My question is I guess the earlier flights might add up to more than 280k QFF for Business but presume this will revert to RTW 280k when the last flight is added on and I comply with all the RTW rules?

Try to book as much of the itinerary in one transaction, for a number of reasons:

  • make the transaction qualify as a OW classic reward as early as possible to reduce the risk it won't 'convert' later on
  • OW classic rewards can't be changed online so you will have to call the service centre or use the online chat tool.  This will mean long waiting times
  • any changes to fees and taxes (even on the previously booked segments) will be applied to the itinerary when you change it.  There is no transparency about these changes either - it will just be "the new fees and taxes are $nnnn"
  • if you make too many changes the 5k point change fees will eat up the cost effectiveness of a OW classic reward