How many points to upgrade to Business on Qantas return flights to Osaka?

Sorry for dumb question. But Qantas presently have return flights to Osaka on sale right now for $699. At that price I want to buy the ticket and use my points to upgrade to business, How many points would it be and can someone point me to a guide how to do it. I have about 400,000 QFF points saved. Any help appreciated.

Hi Graham,

Sale fare are not upgradable. Check the fare rules of each type of fares and it will show whether they are upgradable.

With Qantas, status come to play when you request an upgrade and you may only find out a few days before the flight whether you get upgraded or you won’t even know until you are boarded.

With your point balance, I would suggest redeeming Business Class seats directly. You have more than enough for 2 person return, if my memory doesn’t fail me.

you may only find out a few days before the flight
Upgrades are only known 24 hours before departure. The only exception is if you are platinum.