How long should one stay on QFF call waiting?

Hey all,

I’m a peasant (bronze) QFF. And I’m currently waiting to speak to a Qantas FF rep, as I need to change an award booking. I have been on hold for 1 hour and 30 minutes as I write this.
It got me thinking…
How long do people normally wait until they pull the pin??

I understand that there is a prioritised system, and that Platinums, Golds, and Silvers take priority over us plebs. But after reading this site for the last 9-10 months, I have been somewhat convinced that just because I am not a true FF, and have no status, that it is not impossible to utilise the ‘point hacking’ way.

Just wanted to know how long us plebs wait to be answered…

edit: spelling (sorry was on a mobile)

I’m Bronze and those times sound about similar to what I experienced. However I did take the option for them to call me back when my turn in the queue came up. Both times worked a treat\r\nDid the IVR give you that option?

No! I didn’t even get that option!! How annoying. I would have much preferred the call back. \r\nIn the end it topped out at 1:38. And the consultant was friendly, professional and super helpful! So I’m happy.\r\nSo very greatful for phone caps! Haha

+1 to call back if you are happy to wait up to around 24 hrs.

Otherwise, try calling at non-office hours since there may be less people ringing up.