How long does Qantas status last for?

My wife and i have squirreled together 1 million points with a view to some classic reward around the world tix. We dont fly frequently so status is the problem for us as much as points. My wife however has 300 points and nearly 12 months remaining to complete one more flight to earn silver status. If she completes the flight tomorrow does 12 months silver commence from tomorrow? or does she hold the solver status for 12 months from where the current points status year run out?

Hi Xman, Qantas status lasts for the rest of your current membership year, plus the complete next membership year.

thanks might as well get it done now then,
follow up will the status still give you preference over the status below you if book prior to status running out but for flight/s that are after the status has finished?

AFAIK, silver status doesn’t mean much. If you have to go out of your way to achieve it, I personally wouldn’t bother. It does give you a warm and fussy feeling though if it is your first time.

If you are asking whether silver status helps you in securing an award ticket, I think you need gold status at a minimum. Gold and above gets first pickings on Qantas flights as they can see Qantas award seats in advance of silver or red members.