How long does it take for points from Qantas Activities/Viator to be credited into my account?

Hi all,

I recently returned from an amazing trip to USA. We booked a bunch of activities through the Qantas Activities page - which is basically Qantas on-selling Viator products. Qantas say you get 1 point per $ spent.
I was wanting to know if anyone here has used this before? I haven’t received any points from these activities as of yet. Its about 2000 points I am expecting. It has been about 5 - 6 weeks since we ‘completed’ the first activity.

We have already started to receive our points from the hotels we booked through Qantas Hotels - which I figured would take about the same time to credit as they activities.

Any one used this before?


I received my points two months after I did the activities