How long do Qantas top-up points take to be credited?

Hi, I know it’s not an ideal spend but if I had to buy top-up points from QANTAS how long roughly until they appear in my account?
Also, based on history, any idea when the next sale on points might happen?

Note: After your Top-up Points purchase, to see your updated points balance you’ll need to log out of your account then log back in again. At that time your points balance will be refreshed.

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Thanks Warren, so it’s almost instantaneous? Any idea how often they have sales on points? (Not sure I am seeing your full response)

That’s what it says it’s supposed to do. Not my words and I haven’t had experience buying them.

No idea sorry. This article has some offer history but likely not updated.

Hi @rusk74, the last Top Up Bonus Offer was in December 2023 and was only open for about 4-5 days I think. I have purchased blocks of 225,000 a few times as a way to boost my overall balance when I have needed it for an upcoming trip, and I’m limited with card churning options due to blackout periods in force. I only think it’s worth it if you’re going to be redeeming a premium cabin (Ideally 1st class to maximise the value) and you’re buying the larger Top Up bundles. As @w.hiew said the points are credited pretty much instantly. I believe Qantas offers the bonus points sale about every 6 months or so but don’t quote me on that. :upside_down_face:

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Many thanks Stuart :smiling_face: