How long can I keep my Platinum Status if I achieve it through the AA Status Challenge?

Dear All…

Off to LA in March from Melbourne on QF flight that was deeply discounted miles, will be 7932 each way, and then I plan to do about another 4000 miles in First class with AA. I presume that will get me to their Platinum status. My question is if I am awarded that status in April on my return, do I only have it until the following year say April 2017?  I had read somewhere that some people get almost 2 years of status.   Also I believe the time for registering for this is the end of February 2016 and then 90 days to complete, does the 90 days start from your booked trip or can you hold it over say till the middle of the year and then book a trip?   Thanks in advance

Hey Alnor - If you get Platinum status before June in a given year, then it expires in Feb the following year. If you pick it up in the 1/2 year after June, then it expires in Feb two years later. So in your case, yes, it’s April 2017.

Registration - you can register any time, but best to do this close to your trip to maximise the 90 day window.