How long can a Qantas OneWorld RTW itinerary span?

Hi there,
im hoping for some wise words of wisdom as being on the phone to QF call centre is literally doing my head in.

Im trying to book a reward rtw – 318,000 points cap for next year.
the call centre staff keep telling me that i cannot add legs to my booking as it has to be within 365 days of the booking (ticket issue?) date. I booked my first legs KUL-HKG-CDG departing 21 Oct 2023 on Dec 10th 2023 and now want to add LHR-SIN (via Tokyo) and SIN-SYD in Jan 2025.

i am told that i cannot add flights to this booking as you are ONLY able to book flights within 365 days from the time you MADE the booking.

so how is it possible to book flights in advance? if I were planning to fly 1 Jan 2025 returning 31 Dec 2025, does that mean i have to book every flight on the 31st Dec 2024?

I think one of the conditions is you need to complete your RTW trip withing 12 months of your first flight. It’s quite common for an e-ticket to be valid for 12 months only.

  • After your first flight, you have 12 months to complete the whole itinerary.

Source: Fly around the world in Business with Qantas and oneworld - Point Hacks

Thanks so much for the reply, any help would be appreciated.

Understand that you must travel within a 12 month period from the time you depart. But I am being told that i have to travel within a 12 month period from the time i book the first the leg. (Im guessing they are telling me that it is 12 months from the time the ticket is issued?)
Is this correct? I dont understand how anyone is able to book seats in advance and then add legs on to the journey. please let me know how this is done. I thought that you were able to book the seats as they came up and add them on to the existin booking??
Thanks so much in advance.