How is award availability on South African Airways using Velocity points from Perth to Johannesburg?

Has anyone had any experience with Business class award availability with South African Airways?

I have over 300,000 AMEX points that I can transfer to velocity to get 2 business class return tickets from Perth to Johannesburg I am looking to Travel in 2018 or 2019.
My understanding is that I need to call Velocity direct to book SAA, as they do not come up as an online search.
I have joined up to the SAA rewards program Voyager just to look for availability and it looks like it exists.

I am sure I am not the only person very hesitant to move hard earned miles without the confidence of being able to use them.
I am a relative novice. The only awards scheme I have managed to master is Asia Miles, which I have managed to get RTW business trips twice with (so fairly happy with their rewards scheme)

I guess I am asking if it is worth taking the gamble and moving points to velocity. I am just hesitant because I know if I move points to Asia miles I can always find a way to use them. Having said that, it would be wonderful for our next holiday to be in South Africa!

I know with Asia miles I could go the long way PER to HKG then HKG to JNB but the direct flight would be my preference

Any help would be greatly appreciated or suggestions if there is any rewards search programs that might be suitable.


Hi Sam,

Try searching using United, ANA, or Aeroplan. Then confirming by calling Velocity to see whether they see the same award availability.