How far in advance is it advisable to redeem award flights?

Hi all, I am wanting to book a points flight from Brisbane to the UK for the end of the year (December 2019). However i need to wait another 3 months so that i can earns some more points via a credit card. How far in advance would i need to book the points flights? Are they likely to be available in lets say April for the end of the year? Thankyou!

It’s a complex question. As a general rule, the further in advance you book, the more likely award seats are to be available. Though it’s not uncommon for airlines to release unsold seats a few days before the flight.

December is a peak (school holiday) period so there probably weren’t many reward seats available to begin with. My advice would be to check for availability now, even though you can’t book yet. What’s availability like at the moment? If there’s plenty, you can possibly gamble that there will be at least one or two flights still available three months from now. If there is little-to-no availability now, you can be almost certain that availability won’t be any better in April.

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