How does waitlisting for seats via Krisflyer program work?

Hi i found good krisflyer flight to get to Europe at 47500 kriflyer but they are under waiting list? What does it mean? Is it not guarantee the seat? How does this work? Thank you!

Hi @Peggy,

It means that there are no seats available now, but that you’ll be contacted if a seat on the flight becomes available in the future.

People’s experiences of being waitlisted differ, but as a very general rule, if you waitlist a flight, you should expect that you will have about a 30%-50% chance of you being offered a reward seat.

See the guide below for more information.

@sixtyeight thank you very much and very useful

I might be more of a pessimist/realist. I’d suggest you go into waitlists with back up options if you really have to travel on those dates. I.e. assume you are not going to get the waitlist approved.

@w.hiew oh ok… good to know… for points you think is best to book then closer to the date than way months in advance? What is the best strategy :thinking:

I am a planner so I like to book 11-12 mths in advance and cancel if things don’t eventuate. Things have changed a lot after covid-19. However, Krisflyer is still quite consistently releasing seat 355 days in advance.

After the 355 days, there is likely not much of a pattern for more award seats being released. Especially for peak season (e.g. school holidays, Xmas and Easter period)

@w.hiew thank you so much

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