How does using Velocity points on Kaligo work?


I see that I can redeem my Velocity points for hotel nights through Kaligo which is linked off their site.

Can one redeem Velocity points for a hotel room through Kaligo but then accrue points on another program eg Asia Miles?

Also can one use Kaligo coupon codes to reduce the number of points required to redeem?

Thanks Peter

Q1. No. When you redeem Velocity points for Kaligo bookings it is via the Velocity portal. There is no connection to any other rewards program.

Q2. No. There is no option to include codes when booking with Velocity. You can use ‘points plus pay’ where you will receive 3 points per dollar spent for the cash component.

I must admit,  when looking at bookings on Kaligo with Velocity points the redemption value is very poor when compared to Agoda.

eg a hotel that cost 5000pts for one night,  is on Agoda for about $30.00