How does Qatar Privilege Club compare against Krisflyer for award seats to Europe?

I am an amex platinum card holder. To date l have used Krisflyer to get bus class seats to Europe with great success, provided l book the 355 days in advance. However with the conversion rate from amex to Krisflyer now 3:1, it is 50% harder to earn sufficient points. Given l understand the Privilege Club ( Qatar’s FF program ) has an amex conversion rate of 2:1, l am wondering what is generally the availability of rewards seats, via the Privilege Club, to Europe ie do they release a similar amount to Krisflyer. Naturally l won’t transfer amex points across until l have a specific flight in mind, but just wanted to hear peoples views on Qatar rewards availability.

Hi @Fender

As I think you know already, the answer to your question comes down entirely to which programme has the flights you want, when you want them. So it’s impossible to be specific.

Speaking very generally, however, there are more flights between Australia and Singapore, than there are flights between Australia and Qatar (you might have heard some news about that earlier this year!). But there are more flights between Qatar and Europe, than there are between Singapore and Europe.

So speaking VERY generally, it’s easier to fly to/from Singapore using KrisFlyer miles, than it is to fly to/from Doha using Qatar points. But it’s easier to fly between Doha and Europe using Qatar points, than it is to fly between Singapore and Europe using KrisFlyer miles.

Bottom line: don’t transfer your points to either programme until you can see flight availability!

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And don’t forget about Velocity also, which can access both of these airline’s reward space!!