How does Qantas verify the status of one's relationship when redeeming a Qantas Classic Reward flight?

Booking Qantas Flights using QFF and stating a Relationship - How does Qantas verify the status of ones relationship?

How would one prove that the person on the ticket is a cousin, brother-in-law, partner, girlfriend etc etc?

What bearing does it have on the booking?

Has anyone had any experiences with booking flights for yourself and someone else, and been questioned by qantas?

Example of a girlfriend/boyfriend or a brother-in-law scenario… if I were to book flights, would Qantas then question or request proof of said relationship? if if they don’t deem it enough would the plane ticket then be void?

From my experience, you put down the relationship. If the system detects something suspicious and flags you, your account will be frozen/audited and you will be notified for a response.

I have not had the pleasure of being audited but I have heard of it happening to friends. It isn’t a fun experience as your flights/acct will be frozen pending an audit outcome.

I would hazard a guess that they would require some formal documentation or stat dec to verify your relationship during an audit. There is a bit of a grey area with ‘cousins’, in-laws, spouse. As these may change unlike, parents, children, grandparents, uncle/aunts.

One of the reason they do this is to stop people from selling points.


thanks for your response and the info…

sounds like a hassle lol

I believe QF are more concerned with you transferring points to another person who doesn’t meet their criteria, rather than booking another person to accompany you on a flight. That’s where the freezing of accounts becomes an issue. I wouldn’t see any problem if both parties flew together.

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Yes. Flying with that person should be much more believable than a family transfer to someone random. If you are related, go for it.