How does one work out Qantas status credits earned on partner airline flights?

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I will be travelling Melbourne —> Kuala Lumpur —> Hong Kong on Malaysia Airlines later this year in business class.

Using Qantas’ status credits calculator I have calculated that I will earn the following for each route:

Melbourne —> Kuala Lumpur = 60 Qantas status credits*
Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong = 80 Qantas status credits

*To calculate the Qantas status credits earned for the Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur route I had to select SriLankan Airlines because business class was not showing with Malaysia Airlines.

I thought the earn rate for Qantas status credits was based on distance, so how does a route of just over 6,360 km earn 60 Qantas status credits while a route of just over 2,500 km earns 80 status credits?

Hong Kong —> Bangkok is a distance of just over 1,700 km and flying Royal Jordanian business class on this route earns the same Qantas status credits as Melbourne —> Kuala Lumpur! Even though the flight is 4,660 km less!

I believe I might have read somewhere that the low status credits (compared to the much shorter Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong flight) was due to Qantas flying the same route however Qantas do not fly Melbourne —> Kuala Lumpur and I don’t believe they code share this route.

I got in touch with Qantas who said: “the earn rate for Business Class on Malaysian Airlines from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur will earn at the Flexible Economy Frequent Flyer earn Category. Please note you’ll still receive Malaysian Airlines Business Class service. The earn rate is 60 status credits and 5,200 points for a one way flight.”

Does anyone have any information as to why you earn at the Flexible Economy Frequent Flyer category and not the Business class earn category?

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Because of this page:


You’ll see that Australian cities (bar Perth) to Malaysia earns 60SC. However because KUL to HKG isn’t defined in their standard list, it uses the “all other flights” list at the bottom.