How does one add flights to an existing award booking?

Forgive me if there is an answer somewhere, I have been looking unsuccessfully and hope someone can explain.

I wish to book SYD-Delhi (probably via HK) in september 2020 and then Kochi-Sydney a month later possibly via SIN. I have done a few trial runs and can get Syd-hong kong-delhi the Kochi-sing-syd.

I would be happy to book the first leg when the awards are available but can I then add the return leg when the awards become available a month later and how do i do it?

Mnay thanks

You could do this but you would have to pay a change fee with whoever you end up booking up (This would usualyl be around 30-50 dollars). You could also book one-way trips on separate booking. Unless you have a specific reason to have one booking, I would suggest just making two one-way bookings to save on the change fee.

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