How does one acquire Velocity Gold status?

Hi Guys,

Hey Guys, I want to access gold VA membership and my brother is platinum but doesn’t have enough extra points to gift membership to me. Can you purchase it to access worldwide lounges or can you transfer status credit. Otherwise would there be anyone on this page wanting to sell their gift of gold membership? Thanks So much

Hi Caitlin,

You can purchase Virgin Lounge membership, but that’s different from Virgin Gold status which can’t legitimately be purchased (to my knowledge). However, there is a fast-track (which is the way that I initially attained Virgin Gold status). There are a few different permutations, but this is the common one:

  1. Join Flybuys and link your Flybuys account to your Velocity account.
  2. Take advantage of family pooling and the Flybuys Status Credit earn whereby you can earn status credits by shopping at Coles, Liqorland etc.
  3. Thanks to the status credits earned from (2) above, and from taking at least a couple of VA flights, attain Velocity Silver (250 Status Credits).
  4. At some stage after attaining Silver, you'll hopefully be offered "Explore Gold". This gives you most (not all) Gold privileges including domestic lounge access (but not international partner lounge access) for 3 months. In my case I was offered "Explore Gold" a whole 2 weeks after I reached Silver. So hopefully you won't have long to wait.
  5. Once you're on "Explore Gold" you'll have 3 months to accumulate 100 SC's to attain full Gold status for 12 months. Thanks to (2) above, that shouldn't be too hard -- especially if your frequently-flying brother agrees to pool some of his SC's to you.
As for your question about whether Status Credits can be transferred: if you set up Family Pooling before the flight, yes, the SC's earned by other members of your family who live at your address will transfer to you. There's no way I know of of transferring SC's after they have been earned.

Hope this helps!

If it’s international lounge access you’re after, you might look at getting yourself a credit card that includes lounge access.

I haven’t done this myself, but I think there’s a Diners Card that includes global lounge access for a reasonable annual fee.

Then use the Loungebuddy app to work out which lounges are accessible.

A whole lot easier than trying to game Velocity Gold.

BTW, if you really want Velocity Gold, join Flybuys, link Flybuys to your Velocity membership and shop at Coles. You get three months to meet a status credit target to keep your Velocity Gold status. Not sure if they’re still using this promotion, but it worked for me.