How does airline upgrade bidding work?

I want to try and bid for an upgrade, I am not sure how it works and where I can try it, I have to below Economy flights lined up:

  • SYD-CDG w/ Etihad (miles+cash)
  • NCE-TLV w/ Turkish (cash)
  • TLV -SYD w/ Cathay (miles)
  • SYD-NRT return w/ Singapore (cash)


Etihad, Cathay and Singapore Airlines have bidding systems to bid for an upgrade. Whether you are eligible depends on your fare class. Check this site for Etihad upgrades, this one for Cathay and this one for Singapore.

For turkish, they are known to have upgrades available last minute. Check out this guide for more.

Usually, the system is following If you have status and you bidded, you get priority. Then, the one with the higher bid is usually the one who gets it.

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