How do you redeem MAS flights with QFF points?

Hi folks

I have just been on a chat with qantas regarding using QFF points to book Malaysian Airlines flights. They say I can only do it via their classic rewards search engine, which never brings up MA flights…

Any tips?

Hi Simon,

For flights that can’t be searched on Qantas website, you have to ring Qantas to book. You most probably got a ‘rogue’ agent. I would hang up and call again.

Both Qantas and MAS is oneworld members so you can definitely use Qantas points to book MAS flights -> provided award seats are available.

Thanks for that. I was keyboard chatting with an agent I supsect was on another continent so will try by phone…was put off that by the robot telling me that waits were one hour plus…ah, customer service in the 21st century, so may ways to fob the punters off.