How do you Maximise Your Point Earn Potential on Chauffeur/Transfers?

I’m lucky that I get to travel a lot, and with a number of airlines only providing a chauffeur based on a particular business/first class fare type (I generally purchase the cheapest available) I find myself more and more booking airport transfers but left with only earning points based on credit card spend.

This is my current strategy:

  • I’m a Starwood Fan through and through, currently receiving 4 Points per $ during my stay, and 1 Point Per $ Spent on everyday spend when using Uber (+ Credit Card Spend)

I don’t think that is to bad across the board to be honest, but when I get off a plane - the thought of trying to organise Uber in a non-english speaking country and find the pick up location doesn’t sound too appealing.

I recently started using Blacklane more and more, and they have recently introduced a partnership with Lufthansa… with 1 Point Per $ Spent. While I would approx. spend $20,000 + a year on transfers, the value just isn’t their for a program that I don’t see the value in.

Does anyone know of any other transfer providers that have point earn potential?


A quick Google found this if Velocity frequent flyer points are more favourable.

Brunel Limousines

Start and finish your next journey in complete comfort. Book chauffeur-driven luxury car transfers with Brunel and earn 3 Points per $1 spent*.

Silver, Gold and Platinum members earn a Points bonus – 50%, 75% and 100% respectively – on top of the base Points earned^.