How do you know if you're booked on a retrofitted A380 / B777?

Hi everyone. I’ve booked a couple of return business class seats via Velocity points redemption with SQ from Melbourne to KL in August and I’ll be travelling with my wife and our son (infant).

Based on Seatguru and the tickets issued, we’ll be on an A380 from Melbourne and a B777 back to Melbourne. Is there a way of finding out if we’ll be on the retrofitted planes with the modern interiors?

I was on a B777 on this route a few years back and whilst it was still a very comfortable flight, the cream leather seats were dated.

We’ll be travelling with an infant for the first time as well, and we’ve been allocated the bassinet seats. Not sure if he will be spending much time in there but good to have as a backup anyway. :slight_smile:

All comments welcome, and thanks in advance!

Hi Darkfield,

I believe the latest SQ business class change was to the A380 - first flight was early this year.

Currently, the new A380 only flies to Sydney and London. Hong Kong rumoured to be next last I heard.

So, I would probably hazard a guess that yout flights in Aug will be on the older versions.

On the A380, you could find out by doing a dummy booking for first class and see whether it is in the 1-1-1 seat configuration. As the new suites is 1-1-1 and the old suites is 1-2-1.

I can’t comment much on the 777. I seem to have lost track whether there were any recent changes to the product. From memory, SQ launched the new suites for A380 and EK launched the new suites for B777.

The older 380 n 777 are a bit dated. But they are fairly decent size and comfy.

Good luck.

Thanks for the very detailed and useful response Warren!

Looks like we’re on the older aircraft then, based on the 1-2-1 configuration on the A380.  We were considering flying first but the thought of paying 10% equivalent of the cash fare for our infant ruled it out for us.

Thanks again and have a great rest of the week!