How do you find out the fuel/taxes on a points booking when there's not enough points in your account?

Hi All,

Anyone know how to get fuel/tax/fees calculated on rewards bookings for Qantas and/or Krisflyer?

I don’t have enough points in the accounts to run through to the ‘check’ page on Qantas to see how much it will be.

Is there an easy way to find out? Or do you need someone who has enough points to view?

The velocity setup is so much better.

Hi Deva22,

I’m fairly sure the Singapore Airlines site allows you to check the extra charges associated with KrisFlyer bookings without having the prerequisite number of points.


However with Qantas…   If you try to book a paid fare with them and towards the end of the precess look for an option to display the price breakdown.  This displays the taxes that you’ll have to pay as a minimum.  Plus, I suspect, you’ll have to the carrier imposed charges too.

Has anyone else got any experience of this?


The other option is to look at Matrix which will give you full fare breakdown. Look for the taxes and other fees portion of the ticket when you get to the results screen. You can’t book anything through matrix but it’s a useful fare research tool.

Or give Qantas a call, they’ll help you pretty quickly.

I normally open a new browser window in private mode and look at the fare breakdown for a paid fare. The taxes and surcharges carry over if you use points for the base fare.