How do you enter London, Stansted (STN) airport into Qantas flight booking search?

I want to search for classic reward flights from Australia-London, but I specifically only want flights that fly into Stansted.

There is no option in the choices in the Qantas flight search to select Stansted (There is only Heathrow, Gatwick, and London City.

Not sure why you would want to fly into Stansted airport given the lack of flights there. It depends what airline you were hoping to fly. Off the top of my head, the list of Qantas partnered airlines that fly into Stansted are few and far between. Basically just Emirates.

If you are looking for Emirates classic rewards flights availability, calling up might just be the most simple option. The website is a bit stubborn and depending on the agent you get on the phone, even they might not fully understand. If you have a tool like expert flyer, that lets you see the availability of fare classes, you can also just look up the availability for the flight you want. Keep in mind though, Emirates only seems to load this flight into their schedule from March 31 onwards.

Thanks djtech. I was specifically looking for Stansted because that’s apparently where the Emirates 777’s with the “Game Changer” First Class cabins fly into. (I don’t have Expert Flyer) :expressionless: Calling up is not an option - I’d rather insert glass into my eyes than try and ring Qantas :rofl:

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Hi @graham

Are you sure that Emirates flies its new First Class into Stansted?


Ah I think I might be partially to blame for this one! I did point @graham in the direction of this TPG article in another thread which does say that Stansted is one of the routes that feature the new suites. The OMAAT article though is more accurate given the many changes with the pandemic. As I said, Dubai to Stansted flights isn’t operating right now. It is only being loaded into the schedule from the end of march and who knows what happens with aircraft allocation by then or even if the route will go ahead!

Best bet would be to look for a 777 flight to Heathrow with the new suites and better be safe than sorry!
This would also fix the other problem about wrangling with the Qantas website :smile:


Many thanks djtech and sixtyeight for the great replies! Both were great articles to read and make perfect sense.

Have been doing “dummy” searches DXB-BRU (which would also suit), and found a few of those magic 6 seat layouts doing a Qantas reward search next year. Looks like a total gamble whether you still get that plane but so I won’t be disappointed if I didn’t get the Game Changer, but I’ll keep trying for one and take a punt. (And really thankful I can take Stansted out of the process! Thanks to you both! :grinning:)