How do you calculate taxes and charges for classic reward jetstar flights?

Is it possible to calculate how much it would actually cost in dollars to book a flight using points on jetstar? I am specifically interested in flights from Gold Coast to Tokyo.

Hi Kento,

I’m assuming you mean using QF points on Jetstar. I recently looked at Melbourne -Bali on JQ with a view to using QF points.

Just try booking the trip through the Qantas site and it’ll give you all the extra costs.

Pay attention to the extras though. AFAIK bags and seat reservations are included BUT meals, entertainment and blankets are not.

Further, if you’re combing Rewards sectors with paid sectors, the whole booking takes on the change/cancel conditions of the paid flight - which can be less flexible than the points sectors.

In the end, we were flying economy and the value of using points was minimal so we just paid.