How do you avoid paying the Qantas Rewards program fees?

I found this Westpac card offering 70k points for $99annual fee and I would like to sign up to it as my first credit card to start my churning journey. It says that there is an additional $75 fee for the Qantas rewards program but I have definitely seen somewhere that you should in theory never need to pay the Qantas fee so I’m wondering how that works?

This other card im looking at - BOM 60k points $99 fee also looks good but it doesnt have anything about joining Qantas FF program for free and it looks like I will need to spend the $99Qantas fee to get that signed up too. Is there some way around this?

Hi @nolanb134

There are two separate fees: the Qantas FF joining fee, and the fees that some credit cards charge to credit spending to Qantas FF.

You have read (correctly) that you should not have to pay to join Qantas FF. See below for information on how to join Qantas FF for free.

If you apply for that Bank of Melbourne card before July 20, you can avoid paying their “Annual Qantas Rewards Program fee”.

So that’s both fees avoided for now!

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