How do one use OneWorld partner websites for researching award space?

Would one of the experienced members be willing to explain to a novice how to use a one world partners website to see reward seats. I’ve tried using BA but cannot fathom it. I can only see tool “book using AvIos”. I have mastered Qantas website :crazy_face:now I need to expand my repertoire so I can actually trying booking a reward seat for next year.

Check out these resources:

The Qantas website is pretty good especially if you use the multi-city booking page to get the calendar view!

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Thank you djtech! You were one of those I had in mind with your amazing knowledge. I will go off and see how I go. Qantas is a time consuming nightmare as you think you’ve got it, can get seats selected for 4 out of 5 legs then you get the yellow bar at top with a start again error😡……ticket not defined, flight not found, change start or finish destination etc etc then it drops you out….

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